The Broken Almanac E.P. – CD


The Broken Almanac, hand numbered & SWAL on compact-disc in a full color sleeve w/ eco-jacket. Artwork by Kevin Robinson & compliments of the ladies restroom at Santa’s Pub in Nashville, TN.

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When I was 15, I fell from a cliff at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Alabama. I was standing on an ice waterfall that was hidden by leaves and plummeted over 60 feet to the frozen rocks below. I crushed 3 vertebrae that had to be recreated with bone from my hip, broke a rib that punctured my right lung, opened up my skull and bit off a few back teeth. The following years of recovery was made bearable by recording with a 4-track cassette and a clearance sale acoustic guitar that I’ve had with me every day since. This guitar has been my Linus blanket during the toughest periods in my life and I used this guitar exclusively while recording these songs. This recording is an effort to share my scars in as personal (and hopefully humorous) a fashion as I’m able.

Thanks for listening.
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