Pre-Order Bundle: Shirt, Incense + Matches, LP or CD

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This item will be released February 4, 2022.
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Pre-Order: T-Shirt - Lighten Up - Long-sleeved - White

  • 100% Cotton
  • Style: Long-sleeved Unisex
  • Color: White

Actual shirt may vary slightly from pictured example


Pre-Order: Incense + Matches

This special incense is a collaboration between Forestdale & Erin Rae.

Hand dipped in Nashville, Tennessee using 100% premium essential oils, Forestdale Incense brings to mind a cozy and calming campfire, perfect for all seasons. The vibes here are earthy and grounding, woodsy and gender-neutral.  There is nothing sweet, perfumey, or artificial in our scent.

  • One box contains 12 sticks of incense. Each stick burns approximately 45 minutes.
  • Zero synthetics. Zero fragrance oils. No phthalates. Cruelty free. 
  • Matchbooks consist of black cardboard stems and white tips only (two rows of 15 matches).

Available for pre-ordering


Pre-Order: Lighten Up - Vinyl LP - Opaque Jade

Opaque jade Vinyl LP in a matte finish gatefold. Limited Edition.


Pre-Order: Lighten Up - CD

Lighten Up CD

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